Are you planning to make changes to your home in and around Bromley? Then you may need to submit a planning application. You may be able to make smaller changes to your home under permitted development rules, even some extensions or conversions. For most, though, and certainly for larger projects, you will need to submit a planning application. Either way, getting the right advice should be your first step for any home improvement project. Architectural companies and architects, particularly those based in Bromley, will know the ins and outs of the council’s planning process. They will be able to advise on exactly what you need to submit. They can also liaise with the planners on your behalf. Both are important to ensure the process is smooth and the outcome favourable. So just how important are they?

How architectural specialists can help with your home project

Architects and architectural companies have lots of strings to their bow. First and foremost, they can design those home alterations, extensions or conversions that will meet your needs. Their experience in working with a variety of architectural styles and knowledge of structural requirements are key to turning your vision into reality.

Second, they understand the planning process. While planning laws apply across England, different councils will have additional local requirements, and Bromley is no exception. Knowing what you need for your application can help move things along for your home project. We always recommend speaking to the council for tailored advice. However, it helps to have some idea of what is required before you have that conversation. This way you can ask planners specific questions related to the changes you want to make to your home.

Finally, architects and architectural companies that are based in Bromley will have good working relationships with the council. They can liaise with them on your behalf. They know when to approach the planning team and the type of information they will be looking for before they advise on your project. That is one less thing for you to worry about, because let’s face it: any home-related project can be stressful if it is not managed well.

Plans and structural calculations

Each local authority has what is called a planning application validation checklist. This is a list of plans, drawings and documents they require as part of a planning application.

Within that, there will be a requirement for a set of architectural plans and some structural calculations. What the council is looking for is information on exactly what you plan to do, what it will look like, how high it is going to be and the loads (or weight) that the walls and floors will need to bear. The planning officers and building inspectors use this information to make sure that the building is structurally sound. They will also want to ensure that architecturally it is in keeping with the surrounding area.

Listed properties and conservation areas

If your home is a listed building or within a conservation area that does not mean that you cannot make any changes to it or add an extension. However, it does mean that there will be some additional things to consider.

A Bromley-based architect or architectural company is ideally placed to help with this. They will be very familiar with Bromley’s conservation areas and their precise requirements. They will know what the council will accept and what you will need to provide to demonstrate you comply with their requirements.

Bromley has 45 conservation areas, with more currently under consideration. Each one will be designated for its architectural or historic interest. Enlisting the help of a local architect makes good sense. It will also go a long way towards helping you get the necessary planning permission.

Help with planning application documents

Whether you are building a new house or extending or altering your current home, getting help from a professional architectural company and its qualified architects is a logical first step. Most will not charge for an initial consultation and speaking to a couple will help you get a feel for what it will be like to work with them.

Ask about their experience with the type of work you need done – for example, a conversion or extension. Talk to them about what changes may be allowed within a listed building or conservation area if that applies to you. Check the planning application process with them and ask about the necessary plans and calculations so that you are well prepared. Architectural companies and their architects are therefore important in securing a successful planning outcome in Bromley.

How we can help you

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