Thank you for considering our structural surveying company for your property’s structural report. Our firm specialises in providing comprehensive and detailed structural surveys for properties experiencing defects.

We understand that defects in properties can be a cause for concern for home and property owners. Our team is committed to providing you with a comprehensive and detailed report, outlining any structural issues present in your property and providing suggestions and solutions to address these issues, ensuring that your home remains safe and secure.

Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and exceptional customer service make us the perfect choice for your structural surveying needs. We would be honoured to work with you to identify and address any structural issues causing defects in your property, including cracks in walls. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and ensure the safety and stability of your property for years to come.

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Our support can go way beyond just producing structural surveys. Our experience and skills allow us to support you throughout the project.

  • Pre-purchase structural survey:
  • Homebuyer structural survey:
  • Condition report:
  • Full structural survey:
  • Subsidence survey:
  • Cracks in walls:
  • Loft conversion survey:
  • Basement conversion survey:
  • Structural inspection:
  • Building regulations survey:

Our clients find our services reassuring. Many don’t know the construction or design industries and appreciate having the help and support of Wilson Architectural Building Designs.



  1. Expertise and Experience: Our company has a team of professionals with the expertise and experience necessary to tackle a wide range of projects.
  2. Innovation and Creativity: Our company will bring new ideas and innovative solutions to each project, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.
  3. Attention to Detail: Our company has a strong focus on accuracy and attention to detail, ensuring that each project is completed to the highest standards.
  4. Excellent Communication: Our company has excellent communication skills and works collaboratively with clients to ensure that they are informed and involved throughout the process.
  5. Client Satisfaction: Our company will prioritize client satisfaction, going above and beyond to ensure that their needs are met and that the final product exceeds their expectations.