Read reviews about Wilson Architectural Building Designs and find out what our clients honestly think about our services.

Gina Zarah

“We found The Builder Hire Package exceptionally good! The credit checks weeded out the builders right from the start. The questions helped me understand what I needed to ask the builders and put me at ease. It was brilliant!”

Richard Stone

“The Builder Hire Package was such a life saver. It helped me find the best builder for my job. There were a lot of builders that did not want to fill it out, so I suspected them not being interested in doing my job properly. We found a builder that did a great job. We felt relaxed and comfortable with the builder we choose. Would recommend it. Money well spent! Thank you, Terry!”

Janet MacSweeney

“I did find using the forms helpful and would be wary of a builder who would not fill the form in at all as that is just lazy!
It is quite lengthy, but all the questions are helpful in making a decision. I did start to wait until I had initial quotes and had met with each builder and then followed up with the builder hire package so maybe your other clients could try that approach?”

Bill Poulton

“I thought the Builder Hire Package was great.
Some of builders did not fill it out and in turn, have not sent us a quote, so we have struck them off our list.”

Lee Vaughan

“I found the builder hire package helpful having been through a major build before. I do have some idea on what problems can come up and the builder hire package does answer a lot of the questions, so you and your builder are on the same page as it were.
For someone with no building experience I would say the builder hire package is a must and it would as you say weed out cowboy builders and give the people having the work done an idea as to what is involved in their project.”

Cliff Sumner

“We had a small single rear extension at our home and knew nothing about building. Terry and his team helped throughout the whole build. The builder hire package was a great help. It made us find a good builder who done an amazing job for us. Any builder not wanting to make sure you are happy then do not use them. Thank you, Terry, and his team.”

James Kenny

“The Builder Hire Package was worth every penny. It saved us so much time on sifting through the bad builders and helped us find a good one. The credit check and insurance checks made us feel safe as the builders we were talking to were professional. I would recommend using Terry and the Builder Hire Package.”

Ryan Young

“Both me and partner were very satisfied using the builder hire package to find a good builder. It done its job. Thank you again for all your help.”

Customer in Orpington

“The drawings were of a high standard and Terry has been very precise and honest from the first day. Terry has always been happy to reply to our endless questions and has followed our works until the very end. We had many problems with our builder, who wouldn’t turn up and demanded advance payment to a point where we had to make a detailed payment plan. With Terry’s help we were able to have the work done within the extended deadline by making sure that what was owed to the builder was more than the value of the work left to do. This made the builder want to come back.”

Customer in Sidcup

“Terry provided detailed plans which met perfectly with our requirements. He was more than happy to make any slight alterations as required at no further cost. Our extension is more complex than others on the street as it involves additional work, converting the garage etc., and we were worried we may have pushed the limits too far. Terry assured us it was possible and within the limits of planning regulations. Our planning application was approved at the first attempt! We highly recommend his services.”

Customer in Orpington

“Excellent service throughout. Terry dealt with various different bodies on our behalf, including the building contractor, building inspector and Thames Water’s structural engineer. This all gave us peace of mind. Would fully recommend Terry with his professionalism, and he’s a true gentleman.”

Customer in Bexleyheath

“Terry is a really good guy. All work was undertaken at the highest quality. We had a few bumps along the way with planning where Terry was 100% supportive and got the desired outcome from our planning application. I will definitely be recommending Terry in the future.”

Customer in Sidcup

“Top team. Terry is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and very user friendly. He helped us to gain successful planning permission and have helped us designed our large whole house extension (3 floors) as well as an outbuilding. He is professional, very polite, and very generous with his knowledge. I would highly recommend Terry and will hire him again if we buy another house.”

Customer in Orpington

“We were very pleased with Terry’s services. The drawings were very good and incorporated all of the points we asked. In addition, Terry provided very useful suggestions on how we could make best use of the new areas. The planning process was smooth, and Terry has been in touch throughout the build undertaking both site inspections and checking in with us to ensure we are happy with the work being undertaken by our builders. I would not hesitate to recommend Terry’s services.”

Customer in Bexleyheath

“Terry Wilson was the architectural company we used for an annex we wished to build. He helped with the design and provided drawings, plans, etc., and made all submissions to the local authority. Planning permission was received first time. He then helped us through the setting up of the third-party services needed. He advised on and supplied a builders’ questionnaire, which was a great help in deciding which builder to use and useful during the build. Terry was on hand for any queries and paid visits to the site. All in all the build ran smoothly and efficiently. We would happily recommend Terry Wilson to anyone.”

Customer in Welling

“I cannot recommend Wilson Architecture Design Services enough. Terry has been with us through the whole journey of our build – from discussing ideas to drawing up plans and walking us through the minefield of steps that need to be taken when carrying out such a big project. Terry has always ensured that we, as a client, have been considered at every step of the way, and has played a very hands-on role in the whole process. He has always been on hand to answer any questions and provide advice. Terry has also been very supportive when we incurred difficulties with the build and was able to mediate the situation.”