The Builder Hire Package

Providing you with tools to hire the best Builder!

We have put together a package that contains the most important checks & questions that every client should be asking potential building contractors before hiring them to carry out any home improvement. It will protect you from cowboy builders, rogue traders and will save you thousands of pounds.

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We are now offering this package to new clients who have already engaged with an architect or designer but need that continued support and advice that their architect or designer may not offer.

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What is included:

Five Experian builder credit checks

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By credit checking the builder early in the process, you can avoid wasting your valuable time inviting potential contractors to visit your home, explaining your building project, then going through endless quotations, only to find that the building contractor is in financial difficulty.

If a potential building contractor has a bad credit rating, it could mean several things. For example, your contractor may:

  • Go bankrupt before completing your building project.
  • Make additional financial demands to complete your build.
  • Hit you with extras to pay their debts.

We have found that builders who have a bad credit rating often do not have the correct insurance policies in place. This means your building project could be at risk.

Five insurance policy checks

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Our in-house vetting team checks and confirms that insurance details are correct and up to date. This ensures that your project is fully covered before, during and after your build is complete. We do this by contacting the insurance companies directly.

Five previous client reference checks

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Our in-house vetting team contacts the building contractor’s previous clients to perform reference checks and to confirm all is in order. We also search for planning approvals on council websites to confirm dates. If necessary, we speak with building control to confirm project competition.

The Pre-construction Information

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The Pre-construction Information is based on government regulations. If followed, this document will ensure that your building project is an excellent one. It will protect you from cowboys and rogue traders, and will save you thousands of pounds. It contains valuable questions that should be answered by all potential building contractors and tradesmen. This will safeguard your project and clarify expectations from the start. It also tests the attitude of builders and tradesmen when they answer these fundamental questions, and it paints a picture of exactly how your home improvement will proceed. If the builder or contractor is not happy to answer any of these questions, this is usually a cause for concern.

Example template of a fair and transparent weekly work & payment schedule

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This template of a fair and transparent Weekly Work & Payment Schedule must be fully completed by the builder to ensure that they fully understand the work that must be completed to warrant their payments. This template also recommends that payments should be divided equally over the entire project, leaving an appropriate amount for the final payment. This document safeguards clients from being asked to pay large sums of money before the work has been completed.

Example of a trade quotation breakdown template

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Your Trade Quotation Breakdown template will show the exact cost of each trade and bulk item needed to complete your home improvement project. It enables you to see exactly where your money is going, so you can easily compare builders’ quotes, without the confusion of having to remember who has included (or not included) the items you need to complete your project.

Information checklist

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Your checklist forms a large part of the information you should gather before you employ your builder, and it includes the things you must consider and confirm before you start your home improvement project.