We work on various types of projects for our clients, ensuring that everyone can benefit from home improvements that enhance their way of life. Using our 25 years of experience, we guide you through the process from beginning to end, making sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome and love your property. We work a little differently from other architectural designers – our remit extends far beyond drawing up designs. At Wilson Architectural Building Designs our services include planning, finding a contractor, monitoring building work… you name it, we can help. We want you to benefit from our experience.

These are some of the most common project types we work on. If your project falls outside of these, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We help people with building projects all day, every day, and we can deal with any situation that we come across. We’ll be more than happy to discuss your project.


We can help you plan and build single-storey extensions on the side or rear of your property, or wraparound extensions that will give you plenty of extra space. We’ll make recommendations to ensure your extension meets your needs in full. If you have any permitted development rights we can advise you further on these, or we can help with a householder planning application or larger home extension application.


Our team can design your double-storey home extension and guide you through the planning process. This becomes increasingly more complex the higher you go, with more regulations regarding neighbours’ properties, privacy, amenities and overshadowing. There will usually be alterations to the roof as well, such as creating gable ends. We will ensure your application goes through the right people and we will deal with it on your behalf.


Most loft conversions can be carried out under permitted development rights, meaning that you won’t need planning consent first – as long as the house falls within certain height and size specifications. There are various styles of conversion carried out in the UK including dormer, L-shaped dormer, mansard and hip to gable. We can advise you on the type that will work best for you and get your plans drawn up.


Many people we meet want to extend their current kitchen, opening up the space and making it the heart of the home. With the increasing popularity of open-plan living we can help you design a space that is going to enhance your home and give you a better way of life. We can draw up new kitchen plans to help you visualise how your room will look and ensure you are making the best use of your space.


With space at a premium in modern homes the garage is a perfect option for extending your space and increasing its footprint. Garages are pre-existing buildings, so you can often convert them into a dwelling under permitted development rights. It will need to conform to certain building regulations once it becomes a habitable space and we will create plans that are 100% compliant, giving you more living space.


We are leading architectural designers and have many industry contacts. We regularly work with other professionals, offering them the assurance and service they need, allowing them to provide an equally good service to their own clients. When you want to change and develop a property, we can advise you on what is possible and draw up designs – and maybe give you some ideas you hadn’t yet considered.


We work with interior designers to help you bring your room to life. Everything will be presented to you as part of a mood board that includes information about the colour scheme, fabrics, and flooring, as well as scaled computer drawings to help you visualise the layout and proportion of the room. We also provide elevation drawings to help you get a feel for what the room will look like; this is particularly helpful for designs involving built-in pieces.


We can produce beautiful, accurate, and engaging still 3D CGI rendered images for developers, architects, branding agencies, interior designers, product designers and artists. Our team will work with you to bring your project to life so that you can share your designs with the world.


We’ll make sure that your project is managed properly, ensuring the health and safety of all who might be affected by the work, including members of the public. We’ll maintain clear communication between all the parties involved in construction and will ensure that all the appropriate health and safety measures are kept in place at all times, giving you peace of mind that your project will proceed in a timely and risk-free fashion.


We can help you set up party wall agreements with your neighbours prior to starting work on your property. The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is designed to prevent disputes between neighbours regarding party walls, boundary walls and excavations near neighbouring buildings. If you’re planning to start work that is covered by the Act you must follow the procedures within it to give adjoining owners advance notice of your intentions.


We can recommend reputable building contractors who can quote for and build your home improvement project. All recommendations are of fully qualified and well-established companies that have been vetted by our team to ensure they are reliable, professional and provide high-quality work. We make sure that any potential contractor that we have in mind is the right fit for your project and won’t let you down.