Why Choose Architects and Architectural Designers in Bexley Picture

Bexley, or otherwise known as Bexley Village or Old Bexley is in the southeast of Greater London. It holds historic features which are still a main attraction to this day and houses residents within the borough. It is also within the Metropolitan Green Belt which wraps around London, ensuring the city does not turn into a concrete jungle – we need those trees! With over twenty-five conservation areas, Bexley is a thoroughly green protected borough, which may be suitable housing for the barn owl or bearded tit, however, it can make it a little complicated for us humans to extend and modify our nests.

What do protected species, the low hills and river valleys of Bexley have to do with Architecture? To protect these beautiful characteristics, extra planning and careful consideration will have its effect. It is most likely to affect those who wish to work on the outside of their properties or any trees. When choosing an architect to work with on your project, it is best to employ someone with knowledge surrounding the area you are in. Architects and architectural designers who have experience within the area will be more knowledgeable on guidelines and regulated rules, ensuring that when it gets to the planning stage, you will have the best chance of gaining approval.

Even if you are not within a conservation area, having an experienced architectural designer know what ticks certain planning officers checkboxes, how to keep the housing structure relevant to the area and location specific conventions is key. Boroughs are unique to each other, with different communities, accents, food, cloudy and sunny skies; the same applies with architecture.

How to Source an Architect in Bexley

When searching for an architect and architectural designer, there are many different ways of attaining the right people. The easiest way can start with just a simple Google search, including your area and project title. Websites which solely look for architects and architectural designers can be a helpful refining tool (most of these websites will have filtering options).

Do not just stop there – look through their social media. This will give you an insight into their styles and standards of work. Some companies which are not dependable are likely to hide their online profile and tend not to show details of the company. Social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to source reviews and see how other people have responded to their work. Other websites which focus on their work are also helpful tools to locate area-based architects and architectural designers, which include reviews and statistics. These include:

  • RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects)
  • Chekatrade
  • Trustatrade

As well as looking through their online presence, try to source people that have had work done with the same architects. On your next walk around the town, look and see if you can find some building work you would like to have done on your neighbours properties – if you are felling sociable enough.

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