Located just Southeast of Central London and sat adjoining the borough of Bexley, Dartford is a  widespread settlement housing over 112,000 people. With multitudes of historic architecture, Dartford is a place where mixing archival structures within a modernistic city is widely common. If you live within Dartford, you will most likely live near or in a conservation area. These are areas which are protect architecture and historic features that make it special, as well as keeping our environment healthy and animals safe. Whilst these protect the scenic parks and striking structures, it can also cause a few complications to arise.

When applying for planning permission within a conservation area, you need to consider what is allowed under the area. Before making changes to your property, it is necessary to check if you need planning permission. If not done, this can end in removing your alterations. When using architects and architectural designers from Dartford, they will have an extensive and experienced level of knowledge on planning guidelines, exclusive to Dartford. Using someone who is familiar with the area is extremely helpful in terms of knowing what has been and will be allowed to be built; their knowledge on the history and architecture of Dartford is more reputable than an architect from another borough.

If you are not in a conservation area, the same applies with having an experienced architect or architectural designer in Dartford. Working alongside someone who has area-based, historical architectural knowledge will know what your home must abide to; there are certain guidelines which planning officers may agree or disagree with regarding the housing structure of the borough.

How to source an Architect in Dartford

A simple Google search is one of the easiest ways of obtaining an architect or architectural designer in Dartford, however, you should always have an ample number of options. This task should allow you to have a wealth of information on architects which leaves you with a comfortable amount of options.

Sourcing architects and architectural designers can be done by using websites which allow you to choose your location and project types. With filtering methods, you can choose a suited architect as well as looking through reviews. It is important to note that reviews are not always an indication that an architect is reliable. Look through their social platforms and at the quality of work shown off; it is a good sign when companies have an open online presence. Platforms such as Instagram and Facebook include comments, reviews and tagged photos which are useful when trying to search for jobs they have completed.

The websites used to search for architects and architectural designers in Dartford include:

  • RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects)
  • Chekatrade
  • Trustatrade

Asking friends and family who have had similar work done to their houses is also a great idea as you have a confirmed opinion which you can trust. Possibly your neighbours have also had work done and can recommend a good architect.

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