Situated in the East of England, Maidstone belongs to the county of Kent, of which being the biggest borough inside of it. As a town, it was granted in 1549, booming with Norman and Tudor architecture and structures from the Middle Ages. Built mostly with stone, flint and brick, the resistant framework has stayed for centuries; over 40 Grade I listed buildings are in Maidstone, creating the area to be an attractive and archaic place for sightseers and home seekers. It is a place of cultural and religious magnitude, which explains the many churches, barns, and country houses – most of which you can visit.

The significance of historical culture is bound to Maidstone’s name, which is why it is important to have someone knowledgeable and experienced when helping with home modifications. Architects and architectural designers in Maidstone have an advantage in assessment and estimations surrounding your property due to their understanding and perspective on the area. Amidst hidden regulated obstacles, your architect will have a qualified grasp on historical, cultural, and local authority hindrance; providing the tools and expertise to confidently undergo the design and planning process. In contrast to other architects which do not uphold the same amount of experience and knowledge, it can be essential to go with someone from the area.

When going through the planning process of your design stage, an architect or architectural designer who knows and has worked with the planning officers in your area is incredibly helpful. Each borough has different rules and regulations – which is why you should have someone who is extremely familiar with them.

How to Source an Architect in Maidstone

When looking for architects and architectural designers in Maidstone, there are many ways of finding them. A quick search on the internet can suffice – including your postal code, however, if you want a more secure and thorough option, you can also use different methods.

Looking through social media platforms is a straightforward way of finding out what standard of work they complete, as well as sourcing reviews and comments which can indicate if they are adequate. It can also show how socially open a company is through their contact details and can be a weeding tool for some architects. By using websites which allow you to search for companies in your area, you can see how far they cover, and whether they are specifically based in that area or not. These websites are free and easy to use – most including filtering options. These include:

  • RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects)
  • Chekatrade
  • Trustatrade

Other than the internet, you can also source architects and architectural designers in Maidstone via recommendations through trusted friends and family. This does not mean that you will have the same experience work wise, as people will have different properties with their own different visions, however, the service should stay the same. Maybe your neighbours have had work done on their homes and can recommend a good architect, which also gives you more confidence as it is likely you have comparable properties.

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