One of the things that makes the South East unique is its blend of architectural styles. Our country’s rich history is clearly seen in the buildings around us – their location, design, materials and even their size. Bexley is a good example of this combination of traditional and modern design styles. So when it comes to designing a home improvement project, how do you get it right? Can architectural companies and architects help make sure improvements in your Bexley homestay true to the area’s aesthetic?

Bexley’s architecture

Bexley is one of those areas that includes all the different architectural styles found across Greater London.From Georgian to Victorian and Edwardian designs, homes changed in size and height over the decades. After the turn of the century, Edwardian design fused into Art Deco style and after the Second World War a more modern character developed. Our article on the Architecture in Bexley tells a more in-depth story if you want to delve into the borough’s architectural history.

Designing a home improvement project in Bexley

Homeowners have always made improvements and changes to their homes to add space, change the layout or to modernise them. Even those that are listed buildings or within conservation areas can be altered in some way, although what is done and how are controlled by the local planners. Living in a traditional home does not mean you cannot have a modern internal layout or design. Similarly, if your home is of a modern design externally, you can still have some more traditional touches inside.

The key to making sure your home improvements are in keeping with your home’s design is to get an architectural company or designer on board.

How Bexley’s architectural companies and architects can help

Firstly, a local architectural designer or company will be familiar with the intricacies of Bexley’s mixture of architectural styles. This is an important first step, as they will consider not only the design of your home but that of surrounding ones, too, and how one style may fuse into another in the wider area.

Secondly, they will take into account the type of home improvement project you have in mind. For example, if you want to add an extension, they can advise on what type is best. This may be in terms of height (single or double story) or materials (timber, brick, stone etc.). For extensions and conversions, they will ensure the roof design is suitable and that you can maximise light and space.

Thirdly, they can design your home improvement to match the architectural style of your home. Whether it is a traditional or a more modern design, they will design those changes to reflect what is there. They can fuse extensions or loft conversions into the existing design, making it look natural and adding value to it in the process.

Finally, they can help blend the modern with the traditional – if that is what you want. Clever design, use of light and choice of materials can lead to a seamless combination of the two styles, giving you the best of both. Crucially, they can also advise on what will work well as well as what may not.

Planning knowledge

Each local council follows national guidance on planning. They also have their own policies in place that are designed specifically for their area and its history, architecture and local quirks. Bexley is no different.

Seeking the services of local architectural companies and architects can go a long way towards successfully completing your home improvement project in Bexley. By knowing the ins and outs of the local architecture and the area’s characteristics, they can create suitable designs that will not get caught up in the planning process.

Revitalising your home

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